Whirlpool 236L 3 Star 260 IMPRO PLUS PRM Single Door Refrigerator(WINE MULIA)

Original price was: ₹26,200.00.Current price is: ₹22,950.00.


Whirlpool 236-liter 3 Star 260 IMPRO PLUS PRM single door fridge (WINE MULIA). The unique chilling gel in the cooler holds the cooling during power cuts, which keeps ice from liquefying and different items from getting spoiled.Vegetable Crisper with Honey Comb Moisture Lock-in Technology keeps up with optimal moisture in your vegetables and saves them fresher for longer.Adapts to shifting inside conditions to forestall up to 99% bacterial development, keeping products of the soil new for longer.The sixth-generation DeepFreeze innovation includes full roundabout wind current in the cooler compartment. This keeps cold air from getting away when the cooler entryway is opened.


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