ElectroKart: Is the PS4 still worth buying today?

As we close in on the second year of the current-gen consoles in the form of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, this begs the question, is the PS4 still worth buying today? 

This 9-year-old console is still widely available on the shelves of tech and gaming stores across India and the entire world including in our Amazon store here at ElectroKart. Despite the shiny next generation in the market and with this particular gaming console in its last years, some people still believe that it’s worth buying today.

If you’re curious to find out why, here’s everything you need to know about Sony’s second-best-selling gaming console in today’s world:

Amazing exclusive titles

One of the biggest draws that Sony has with this console is its collection of amazing exclusive titles. These story-driven games are what’s lacking in other consoles in the market including the ones available today and it’s one big reason why the PS4 is still relevant today.

Throughout the console’s lifespan, these exclusives made owning a PS4 that much more worthwhile and looking back on it, we can’t help but feel nostalgic. To give you a better grasp of how amazing the run of this console was, here are some of the best exclusives it had:

Uncharted 4

The latest chapter in Nathan Drake’s adventure was also the best and most immersive one. Equipped with the latest pieces of tech during its time, PS4’s Uncharted 4 was one of the best exclusives of the console.

For starters, it had the best graphics out of all the installations in this iconic franchise, which makes sense as it’s the latest one. However, players wouldn’t have gotten the chance to experience this game the way Naughty Dog intended to if it wasn’t for the advanced hardware of the PS4.

Aside from visuals, the game also plays spectacularly with its physics engine and steady 30 fps rate which may not be impressive by today’s standard but during its time, it was the best you can get.

The gameplay consists of high-speed chases, mind-bending puzzles, endless explorations and action-packed gunplay. With these gameplay elements at your disposal, it’s no wonder that this game won tons of rewards during the first year it was released. Moreover, it’s still recognized as one of the best games on the PS4 today.

Horizon Zero Dawn

During a time when reboots and sequels were dominating the market, Guerilla games released a new IP called, Horizon Zero Dawn. Since the first trailer of this game came out, a lot of hype instantly surrounded it because of its originality and beautiful visuals.

The game follows Aloy, a young lady with a mysterious past and it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where robotic dinosaurs roam the land. She serves as the eyes of the players as they slowly discover the world that the game created.

Along with this interesting story comes an amazing open world that you’re completely free to explore as soon as you make it past the prologue. Each sector consists of different beasts and robots and your job is to find out your past while fending off enemies that come your way.

God of War

The soft reboot of the iconic Sony franchise, God of War, was a sure-fire hit the moment the first trailer was released during E3. When the game was finally released in 2018, players were treated to an epic adventure featuring the ever so iconic Kratos but this time he’s with his child, Atreus. This father and son dynamic is at play during the entirety of the game and is a huge highlight that stuck with players long after they’ve finished the main story.

As for the gameplay, the developers decided to change the usual hack and slash the franchise is known for. This time, it features an over the shoulder view reminiscent of the one made famous by Resident Evil 4. Moreover, it adds several layers in combat than the typical button mashing nature of the previous instalments.

Pricing is at an all-time low

One of the best benefits that came out of the current-gen release back in 2020 is that the price for the previous generation of consoles came down to an all-time low. Back then if you wanted to get your hands on this powerful console, you’d have to be ready to pay almost 400 US Dollars but today, that steep price is almost cut in half depending on the store.

Here in India, you can find a used or brand new PS4 that comes at an extremely cheap price. All you have to do is look in the right places. For instance, sometimes we do massive sales in our Amazon store where you’ll see the price of our consoles cut by more than half, especially during Black Friday.

Different models to choose from

The great thing about the PS4 is it comes in different models that can fit different kinds of players. You have the most inexpensive variation which is the slim model, the normal version and of course, the extremely powerful PS4 Pro.

By knowing these pieces of info, you can correspond your purchase decision by weighing the different pros and cons of each model. To help you get a better understanding, here is each version of the PS4 and its respective advantages:

PS4 Slim

From the name itself, the Playstation 4 Slim is the most compact version of this console. It weighs around 4.62 lb (2.1 kg) which is a huge difference considering that the base model came in at around 6.1 lb.

As for its size, it has a width of 1.53 in (39 mm) which is way smaller than the base model’s 2.16 in (55 mm). This makes it easier for players to find a spot in their house where they can fit this console making it way easier to set up than the other models.

A glaring disadvantage that can turn gamers off from this console is its limited storage space. In today’s era where triple-A games can quickly eat up a huge chunk of space in your console, 500 GB simply won’t cut it. For example, if you’re planning to play the ever so popular Call of Duty: Warzone, you can kiss 133.6GB of storage goodbye. 

Another disadvantage of this console is it doesn’t have 4K resolution capabilities. However, to be fair, not everyone prefers 4K or even has a television capable of producing this resolution here in India. For us here at ElectroKart, its humble 1080p can still hold up to today’s standards

However, if you can look past these problems, you’ll get to enjoy a powerful console filled with amazing exclusive titles that come in a compact size.

PS4 Pro

If you’re looking to play games at the highest level, the pro version is the best PS4 you can get. The graphics of the latest video games today will be given justice because this console will be able to run them the way the developers intended.

The biggest draw, however, is its 4K capabilities which is one of the best ways to view your favorite games and movies. If you already own an existing TV that can produce 4K video as well as support HDR, this is the best option for you. Additionally, if you already have games preloaded on your console they can be upgraded for free so that it runs the native resolution.

With this console, you’re looking at a more powerful version of the base console and because of this, it comes at a much more expensive price which is one of the disadvantages of this variation. However, if you have some funds to spare, this isn’t that much of a drawback as you’ll be getting the best value for your money. 

Regardless of which one you choose in this solid lineup, you’ll be getting the best gaming experience you can enjoy in the previous generation of consoles.

It’s still being supported

Even though the second year of PS5 is upon us, it’s still nice to see that the developers of different triple-A games are still supporting the PS4’s hardware. That’s why if one of your worries about getting a PS4 is that it won’t have new games anymore, you can put that theory to rest as it’s most likely to receive support for a couple more years.

Just this year, Dying Light 2, one of the most anticipated and technically demanding games came out on the PS4 and it runs smoothly. Although it received minor graphical changes to suit the capabilities of the hardware, it’s still a beautiful game. On top of that, several game developers have already announced their latest games will still be released on the Playstation 4.

Take your next gaming console home!

Now that you’ve learned about the different reasons why a Playstation 4 is still worth your money this year, it’s time for you to pick one up from our store on Amazon! From graphical power to exclusive titles filled with amazing gameplay and gripping storylines, the Playstation remains relevant after 9 whole years. Plus, with the continued support that it gets from game developers and Sony itself, we don’t see this beast of a machine going away anytime soon.

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